Here you will find my personal letter to friends and colleagues in the OCDLA, a 5 page letter written by Washington County, Utah, Prosecutor Brock Belnap in a case eerily mirroring my case, and a truncated portion of Dr. David Diamond’s Curriculum Vitae on the science of “Lapsed Memory”.  I am particularly interested in sharing with you pages 10-14 of Dr. Diamond’s summary.  Dr. Diamond is the only expert worldwide in the field.  The Oregon State Medical Examiner ruled, last week, that Remington Engler’s manner of death was in fact “accidental”.  I firmly believe this is not a criminal case, but a tragic accident.  


I have recently found a video that I believe everyone should see as well by Dr. Zubin Damania, MD. You can view it here.


Dr. David Diamond has written another piece I am including entitled: When a Child Dies of Heatstroke after a Parent or Caretaker, Unknowingly, Leaves the Child in a Car: How Does it Happen and is it a Crime?


More than 40 kids per year die in hot cars in our country alone. 


I truly appreciate you taking the time to view these documents and beseech you to press the public narrative.


Thank you,

David G. Terry



Please see:


Please read this story Rita Templeton posted to the website in which she describes the situation she found herself in when she and her mother had both forgotten that her baby was in the car.  Luckily, Rita was fortunate enough not to lose her child.  It is a beautiful piece written by a mother that realized she made a mistake and how it happened.


Tiffani Parker has written a letter to the CEO of General Motors Company and shared Nicole’s story and provided GMC with her ideas to help prevent future incidents involving children and pets in hot cars.  I encourage anyone with ideas for automotive manufacturers and our law makers to share them. I am adding Tiffani’s letter as an attachment as well.


Please visit and see to learn more and also to spread the word so that parents are aware of this danger and to save lives.