If You Are Facing Murder Charges, You Need an Experienced Defense Attorney

A murder charge can arise in the blink of the eye and shatter many lives. No matter what the situation was that lead to your charges, you deserve the strongest defense possible from an experienced lawyer. An experienced lawyer will have the resources, knowledge and skills necessary to fully protect your rights.

At our firm, located in Roseburg, Oregon, we understand what our clients are facing. Our defense attorney is a veteran in the courtroom and highly knowledgeable of the law. He has tried more than 1,000 jury trials and has a 97 percent success rate.

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Knowledgeable Legal Advice and Strong Advocacy

Criminal defense lawyer David Terry has handled a number of murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide cases, including high-profile cases. His work was most notably seen in the cases of State v. Thomas Berry and State v. Layne Amos. Mr. Terry has made successful use of accident scene reconstructionists in vehicular homicide cases and has a wide range of experts he can call upon to support his clients’ defense.

Our firm’s long-standing relationships with professionals such as forensic experts, medical professionals and retired law enforcement to bring outside expertise to our murder cases. Additionally, we are the only private firm that employs a full-time investigator.

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