One Strike and You’re Out

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Measure 11 Crimes in Oregon

In 1994, voters passed an initiative in Oregon titled Measure 11. In reality, Measure 11 is a ‘one strike and you’re out’ law. Crimes that fall under Measure 11 carry extremely harsh punishments, ranging from 70 months to 300 months or more in prison without early release, parole or sentence reduction. These crimes include:

  • Murder/manslaughter
  • Assault I and II
  • Kidnapping I and II
  • Robbery I and II
  • Rape I and II
  • Sex abuse I and II
  • Unlawful penetration I and II
  • Sodomy I and II
  • Incest I and II
  • Child pornography
  • Promoting prostitution crime

Retaining representation from a Roseburg Measure 11 crimes attorney who has significant experience successfully defending these offenses is critical. Our firm has demonstrated a proven track record since the initiative was passed. Few lawyers in the state have demonstrated the consistently high success rate at trial that our firm has.

Getting Help Early Is the Best Defense

If we have the ability to step in early, we can work to reduce or even eliminate the filing of charges. When working with clients, we take an aggressive approach to defending clients facing charges of a Measure 11 offense. Our firm often works with resources such as psychologists, psychiatrists and other experts to get proper evaluations, as well as our in-house investigator. We are the only private firm in the area that employs a full-time investigator.

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